Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t offer a retirement plan match, can we still offer Thrive?

Absolutely. You can offer the Employer Direct Pay program or the Employer Match program or simply offer Thrive as an employee payroll deduction program.

Is the Employer responsible for sending payments to our Employees’ accounts.

No, Thrive takes all of the work off of your plate. We enroll your employees, calculate the benefit, make the payments to your Employees Thrive accounts, and communicate directly with your Employee as each payment is made on their behalf. Your employee will have their own login to view their Activity page to see payments made (both their own and their employer benefit), make changes, and view their EvoShare activity.

Can I limit how much Employer Benefit is allocated to an Emergency Savings Account.

Yes, we can completely customize your offering to limit how much Employer benefit can be allocated to an Emergency Savings Account, setting an annual limit to other Thrive accounts, requiring participation in the company retirement account in order to be eligible for Thrive benefits, as well as tenure eligibility requirements.

If our Retirement Plan is a safe harbor plan, what is the impact of offering The Flexible Match Program?

Because a Safe Harbor Plan does not require discrimination testing and there is no vesting schedule, offering the Thrive Program will not effect your retirement Plan operations.

If we chose the Employer Direct Pay Program, do we have to offer the same benefit to every employee.

No, Employers can offer the Employer Direct Pay Program in a completely customizable manner. You choose the employees to invite into the program and the benefit to offer each tier of employees invited.

If I chose the Flexible Matching Program, do I need to amend my Retirement Plan Documents?

No, Thrive operates completely independent of your Retirement Plan. You won’t need to change your Plan Document, Plan Processes, or Plan Recordkeeper.

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